Collins Realty Group, Inc. knows you have many Realtors® to choose from.  After all, there are thousands in Lake and Porter County.

But Collins Realty Group, Inc. isn’t your traditional real estate company.  We go above and beyond in services and we treat our clients like family!

You want Realtors® you can trust.  We cater to seniors and their families, and Personal Representatives selling a home in probate.  We don’t just put a sign up and place your home in the Multiple Listing Service.  We do so much more so you can live your life and not worry about moving or the sale of your home. 

You need to sell your home fast and for top dollar.  But years of memories and “stuff” prevent you from a quick sale and possibly even top dollar.  Maybe you are dealing with the death of a loved one and have recently opened the probate process.  Maybe your mom or dad was just placed in a nursing home or needs to relocate to a safer senior-friendly home.  Or maybe you’re ready to escape the cold Indiana winters or move closer to family in another state.

You know there is too much to do and maintain life balance.  You need help.  And Collins Realty Group, Inc. can help you.  We offer many free and paid services to help you from start to finish through the whole home selling transaction.  And the best part is that our paid services are settled at closing!  Nothing comes out of your pocket upfront.

Here are the benefits of hiring Collins Realty Group, Inc. for your home selling needs.

You Don’t Have the Time!

You’re busy with work and a family and you simply don’t have the time to clean out the home to put it on the market.  You heard the average do it yourself downsize takes 9 months.  And by then, the prime selling season is over!

You Don’t Have the Help!

And, this is the good news:

  • You don’t have to put extra hours over your already busy schedule to prepare the home for sale
  • You don’t have to get frustrated with calling for estimates
  • You can continue living your life while trusting a family-owned real estate company to do the grunt work to sell your home faster and for more money

Imagine, getting a weekly update and knowing what’s happening with the prep and sale of your home without having to put in extra time or work!

Complete Home Moving and Selling System!

No more coordinating services-packers, movers, resettling, clean out services, estate liquidators, cleaning crews, and donation companies.  You have better things to do with your time.  You may think paying someone is ridiculous and expensive, but it isn’t when you think of the cost of your time and the holding costs and lost market activity when your house isn’t ready on time or isn’t in its best condition to demand top dollar!

Whether you need one, two, or more, here is a list of our Turnkey Services and Benefits of Hiring Collins Realty Group, Inc.

Downsizing & Clean Out

Did you know it takes on average 9 months to clean out a home full of memories to make ready for sale? 

Collins Realty Group, Inc. cleans out and prepares your home for sale in a fraction of the time.  We sort, pack, and discard items depending on their destination-keep, donate, or trash.  This saves you time and money in holding fees and lost opportunity for selling faster.   

Moving Help

We are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  You benefit from our specialized training and preferred movers for your local and long-distance move.  We oversee the whole process-estimates, packing, moving, and resettling. 

 Floor Planning

Seniors and their family often wonder how to fit decades of stuff into an Independent Living or Assisted Living space less than half the size of their previous home.  It’s simple with our floor planning help.  You tell us your “must keep” items and we’ll develop a floor plan to help you fit them in your new home.

Coordinate Estate Liquidation & Sale

You may wonder whether your treasures are worth something.  You know you don’t need them any longer and you hope someone would use or cherish them the way you do.  We work with a reputable estate liquidator who can let you know upfront what your items are worth.  They prepare and stage your items in your home to make them presentable, and they clean up when the sale is over. 

Choose the service or services you need and pay at closing!

In addition to our Turnkey Services, we also offer the following Free Value-Added Marketing Services for our listing clients to help sell your home faster and for more money!

Value-Added Service 1:

Free Professional Staging Consultation

Value:  $200

Stage It Right!

Staged homes sell faster and for more money.  Why leave money on the table?  We offer a free Staging Consultation by a Certified Staging Real Estate Professional.  Once we assess your home from the “Buyer’s” eye, we’ll give you a full report of tips and expert advice to prepare your home to sell faster and for top dollar. 


 Value-Added Service 2:

Free Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Value:  $350-$500*

*Depends on size of home

Realtors® insist on a home inspection for the buyer to protect their client but what about the seller? 

Sellers need a pre-sale home inspection too!

A pre-sale home inspection helps sellers:

            Know upfront safety and major defects to avoid surprises with the buyer’s inspection

Decide whether to fix their problems or sell the home “as is”.

Determine the best pricing strategy for the seller’s goals

Know how to negotiate when the buyer’s inspection requests are presented

Value-Added Service 3:

Free Drone Video & Photography

by an FAA Drone Pilot!

Value:  $500

Many Realtors® use their cell phone to take pictures of your home.  Afterall, professional photographers cut into their commission.  But cell phone pictures are dull and never fully capture the home’s best features.

Drone videography and photography are different.  Drones capture beautiful aerial views of your home unlike any standard camera.  Your video is custom designed and edited to music that engages more senses for your buyer’s online shopping experience. 

Value-Added Service 4:

Free Custom Home

Address Webpage

Value:  $400

Buyers start looking online.  They usually start with Zillow or Realtor.com to start their search.  They take down the addresses they like and start Google searches on schools, communities, etc.  Imagine their surprise when they come to your custom home address webpage, complete with all the beautiful staged pictures and drone-designed video with inviting music!  Your competitors do not have a chance.  Even though it is a sellers’ market, sellers must be more competitive than ever to get top dollar.  Your custom address webpage highlights all the best features and benefits of your beautiful home!

Value-Added Service 5:

Virtual Tour of Your Home

Value:  $400

Adding to the online buying experience, your virtual tour of your home gives you and the buyer an advantage.  The buyer experiences a tour of your home anytime and many times, enhancing the buying opportunity.  You benefit because only serious buyers will schedule a showing, saving you time and hassle! 

Total Value of Up to $2000 of Extra Marketing Services for FREE

Call Now!

If you’re thinking of selling and want to know what your home is worth, call Georgene today at 219-315-6569.  She’ll guide you every step of the way!

Wait, what’s the catch?  Why would Collins Realty Group, Inc. offer so many services and 5 of them for free?  Great question!  We go above and beyond for 4 reasons.  As seniors ourselves with 40 years of combined healthcare experience behind us, we know the importance of working with someone you can trust.  To earn your trust to hire us, we know we need to exceed your expectations of a traditional Realtor® and offering these free value-added services is how we do it!  Second, because of the services we provide, we service a limited number of listing clients.  We do this so we can dedicate the time and attention to every detail to ensure a stress-free experience.  Third, we’re introducing these new services to the community and we may need to charge a fee in the future.  And lastly, we love what we do and helping seniors and their family along with Personal Representatives is our pleasure!

Call Now to find out what your home is worth and to start your selling and moving plan today at 219-315-6569!

*Free Value-Added Services Terms and Conditions:
  • For listing clients of Collins Reality Group, Inc.
  • Must list within recommended price range
  • Subject to availability
  • Terms may change without notice