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Buying a home is exciting and stressful.  After all, home buying is oneHome Buying Image of the biggest transactions you’ll experience in your life.  And, if you’re like most people, you’ll experience home buying several times as your needs change.
Northwest Indiana is a great place to live.  Beautiful weather, low taxes, close to Chicago, lots of shopping, and many things to do all year round make home buying in Northwest Indiana attractive and affordable.  But finding and buying the right house can be overwhelming.  And Collins Realty Group can help.

Our job is to make your home buying experience enjoyable.  We do this by guiding you every step of the way.  Here are reasons home buyers choose Collins Realty Group. 

Our Home Buying Process 

Step 1:  Meet with the Collins Realty Group Team

As the owners of Collins Realty Group in Crown Point, Shaw and Georgene insist on high quality and outstanding customer service for all their clients.  This starts at first contact.  You receive personal attention throughout the entire transaction.  At the first meeting, you will share your home needs and desires-features, schools, location, etc.   

We go over the home buying process and start your search in the multiple listing service based on your desires.  Whether you are a first-time home buyer, downsizing and seeking senior living, or a real estate investor, you will receive high quality professional service throughout the entire transaction.  Call us today at 219-315-6569 and we’ll set an appointment that’s convenient for your schedule. 

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved by a Lender

Pre-approval is a must when buying a home.  Most sellers won’t review offers without the pre-approval letter.  A pre-approval letter gives you an idea of how much house you can afford.  And this starts with seeing a lender and supplying some financial documents and information.  We encourage you to shop around for the best rates.  Remember that pre-approval is better than pre-qualified.  Pre-qualified lets you know the amount of loan you could qualify for, but it is only an estimate.  Pre-approval takes the process further and shows the seller that a lender is committed to approving you for the stated amount.  Pre-qualified letters are easily done online but real estate agents advise their selling clients to insist on a pre-approval letter for serious offers.

Step 3: Review Your Choices & Schedule Showings

Once you are set up on the multiple listing system, you’ll receive information about homes that fit your desired features.  You’ll receive real-time e-mails about your ideal homes.  When you see a home you like, we'll set up your showing at your convenience.   

Step 4: Make an Offer to Purchase

Found the perfect house?  Great!  It’s time to make an offer to purchase.Collins Realty Group Crown Point Home Buying Image 2  We will help you with the purchase offer and other documents you'll need to be submitted to the seller for review.  If your offer meets the needs of the seller, you’ll receive an acceptance.  If the seller needs different terms or a higher price, we will negotiate for you.  And if there are multiple offers on the property, we will guide you through your best strategy. 

Step 5: Next Steps

The time between acceptance of an offer and closing on your new home is like a roller coaster ride.  There are many deadlines to meet and Collins Realty Group makes sure you meet them.  You’ll apply for your mortgage, purchase insurance, attend inspections, and submit many documents.  Often it feels like hurry up and wait!  Don't worry, we keep the transaction on track and remind you of important dates. 

Step 6: It’s Time to Close on Your Home!

Once all the paperwork, inspections, appraisal, and other tasks are complete, the closing will be scheduled according to the purchase agreement.  Once you have your closing date, you can schedule your moving date.  It’s important to schedule movers as soon as possible, especially during the peak summer season. 

Within three days of closing you’ll receive the master financial statement which shows all the debits and credits for you and the seller.  We review the statement with you for accuracy.  We guide you with next steps to correct errors.  The title company will reach out to you about wiring funds.  If you have concerns about anyone requesting wiring of funds, please contact Georgene right away at 219-315-6569.  Don’t send any money until you have further direction to avoid wire fraud. 

At the closing table, you’ll sign a lot of documents.  We attend the closing with you and can help answer your questions.  Once all the documents are signed, you’ll receive your keys to your new home.  Congratulations!  It’s moving time!

Call us today at 219-315-6569 to help you buy your new home in Northwest Indiana.

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