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Selling a Home in a Divorce

During a divorce, you'll likely have many questions about what happens to your home, your current mortgage, and even your credit rating. At Collins Realty Group, Inc., we are here to help answer these questions.   
Collin Realty Group Crown Point Selling Home in Divorce Image When you hire us, you receive many free services to help you sell your home faster.  And we do this for 4% commission! 

Free Services We Offer

Pre-sale home inspection
Aerial photography and drone video
Custom home address website
Professional Staging Consultation


Here are some frequently asked questions about buying and selling a home in a divorce.

What happens to my current home?

If you and your spouse own a home, there are two main routes you can take to reach a solution. You can sell the home and split the money, or one person can buy out the other by refinancing the mortgage.

How does a divorce impact my credit score?

Unfortunately for many, divorce is a time of great financial hardship and credit challenges. Because you are responsible for the mortgage until it is paid in full or refinanced, it is important that you remain current on the monthly payments.

Can I buy a new home if I'm still listed on the previous mortgage?

Yes, but it's sometimes difficult to buy another home until your divorce is Collins Realty Group Sell Home in Divorce Image 2final. In most cases involving child support and alimony, the payments must be received for a specific time period before you can use the funds as qualifying income. If you are a co-borrower on the mortgage for the prior home, many mortgage programs will allow you to qualify while excluding that debt.  Your bank or financial institution will guide you through the loan process. 

Should I use my family or friends who are Realtors?

Everyone knows at least one Realtor in their social network.  And under happy circumstances relying on a Realtor who is a family or friend is a great idea.  But divorces are often full of private details many spouses want to keep from their social network.  You want to pick a Realtor who is professional, experienced, trustworthy, and discrete without prior knowledge of your personal affairs.  While all Realtors are committed to ethical behavior, personal feelings may arise which could create a conflict of interest for you or your spouse.   


Why work with Collins Realty Group, Inc.?

We've helped other clients experiencing divorce buy and sell homes.  We understand the stress each spouse experiences and we uphold the highest integrity and fairness when working with both parties.  We communicate every step of the transaction according to the wishes of each spouse, knowing there are mutual and private decisions that may affect the sale of the home.  Finally, we understand the emotional impact divorce has on a family.  As retired caregivers, the team at Collins Realty Group, Inc. are advocates, not salespeople.  Our compassion and empathy guide you every step of the way as you rebuild your life.

Are you ready to sell your home?  Call Georgene today at 219-315-6569 to find out what yourhome is worth.

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What my clients are saying  

We went with Collins Realty Group because they offered the full service that other Brokers were offering, but for only 4% instead of 5% or 6%. And they did a lot of other things the other Brokers could not do, and they were all for free. They provided a Home Inspection by a licensed Indiana Home Inspector. They built us a custom Website with our address as the URL. They helped us stage the home with a Certified Staging Professional. And they provided Drone Video and Photography by a FAA Licensed Drone Pilot. They said they did all this to help sell our home quickly and make the transaction as easy as possible for us. It worked. The transaction went very smoothly. Our house was opened for appointments to view on Friday, August 21st. By Saturday, August 22nd, we had 7 requests to view, 5 offers (2 for full price) and we accepted one of those. The closing was set for October 2nd and was closed on time. It couldn’t have been any better. Jeff and Kirsten Limbaugh


~ Jeff & Kirsten Airey

We were drawn to Collins Realty Group when we read their advertisement in our local paper. We saw that they dealt with helping seniors move and with downsizing. It was a pleasure to work with Georgene throughout this process. Her patience and understanding were exceptional with helping us deal with the difficulties we encountered with the buyer.


~ Jim & Pat Flis

Georgene was a great help during the sale of the house. She is actually helping me find another home to buy now.


~ John

Georgene is very knowledgeable and considerate she speaks to you often and addresses any concern you may have she is very thorough. Georgene is very professional but, still seems like a member of your family our home was sold in less then a month ,would highly recommended Georgene Collins. The closing went exactly as planed on the day Georgene said with no problems. Highly recommend Georgene. Very Satisfied.


~ George & Julie

A great experience, Georgene is very accommodating and she communicated well throughout the whole home buying process. I would recommend Georgene to my family and friends.


~ Jen

“It was such a pleasure to work with Georgene. She exemplifies what the word service really means. Every step of the way Georgene was fully engaged to be sure our concerns were addressed and thought of things we didn’t. We felt that Georgene understood our position well and when negotiating on our behalf, there was no doubt in our mind that she knew who she was representing! Georgene did an awesome job for us!!!


~ Genay & Tony Airey

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