Trust The Selling of Your NWI Home to Collins Realty Group

Our Team Will Create A Selling Strategy That Works For You!

Collins Realty Group, Inc. Crown Point Sell My HomeIf you’re asking how to sell my home, you’re on the right page!  Collins Realty Group knows that selling your selling your home is a big step!  And we guide you every step of the way.   

You might be wondering what your house is worth or if it’s really the right time to sell.  Maybe you lead a busy life and don’t want to deal with selling your home on your own.

Collins Realty Group can help!  We take a personalized approach to every sale. We offer great value and service and work to far exceed your expectations!  We work with your goals and offer free services designed to sell your home faster and for more money.  Our goal is to make the home selling experience enjoyable while putting more cash in your pocket. 

How We’re Different From The Competition

Any Realtor® can list and put your property on the multiple listing service, but a home needs much more to stand out from the competition.   When you ask, “can you sell my home”, we are confident when we say yes!  Because our marketing plan gets your house in front of the right buyers at the right time.  We use current technology and the right marketing message to show buyers the best features of your home.  And we offer extra services for listing clients for free!   

Our process is simple.  When you call us to sell your home, we’ll give you a free market analysis to help you decide the best price.  As a Pricing Strategy Advisor, Georgene will show you different price points based on the condition of your home and your selling goals.    

Collins Realty Group, Inc. Crown Point Sell My HomeOnce you confirm your selling and moving goals, you’ll sign a listing contract and we go to work on your free services.  We schedule the pre-sale home inspection and do the walk through for the staging consultation.  We share the inspection and staging reports and work with you on the best improvement strategies based on your goals.  We’ll also help you decide if selling “as is” is right for you.

Collins Realty Group, Inc. Sell My HomeOnce your improvements are complete, we use our drone for aerial photography views of your exterior and we conduct a virtual tour of you interior.  We state of the art equipment to capture your home’s best features.  We interview you for highlights of your home and community to share the unique features of your home.  When we have all the pictures, video, and marketing copy complete, we build you a custom home address website to showcase your home.  And we do all this for free! 

Between our experience, extra value services, and unique marketing plan, we help you sell your home easily and with less hassle.  Our goal is to provide amazing service and value and far exceed your expectations.